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We are a 501(c)(3).  All donations are tax-deductible.

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Donating to Open Hands is a unique experience.  All overhead costs come out of the General Fund, so 100% of funds donated to specific accounts are directed to that account. (Please note:  Paypal takes a .0265% + .30 fee).  While we support many special projects, we also administer donations to ease life challenges, and the situations of the ill, elderly, and dying, and have done so for 36 years.

Please consider donating to any of the organizations, individual needs, or long-standing accounts you see listed below.  Even the smallest amount can make a big difference. And all are tax-deductible.

We invite you should you have or know of a need in your community, or a special project that you would like to support, to fill out an application.  The application process is easy and usually takes less than a week.  Access the application here.


Friends: Long Standing Accounts


Nepali for Nepali

NFN is launching a new awareness program featuring our very own interactive mini-demo home! We hope to raise some funds here in Nepal and teach people about interlocking blocks.  This is a three-month project.  All the details are located here and donations are welcome.  Your donations to this non-governmental organization so far have purchased brick-making machines and financed three building projects, including one school.


INEPE is a school serving the barrios of south Quito, Equador. Its founders hold the ideal that educating children with the participation of the community contributes to a world in which all live with happiness and in harmony with the planet. In addition to offering a high-quality pre-K-12 education, the school serves and is served by all generations of the community.  Read More

Compassionate Clowns

Your contribution is used for training and supplies. This colorful troupe lightens up situations for children and others in hospitals, nursing homes, and where requested. Read more.

Bahamian Bush Medicine Project

Bush medicine practitioner Mr. Forbes at San Salvador, BahamasJeff McCormack, an award-winning author, continues to gather knowledge that might be lost if native medicinal plant lore is not documented in certain areas.  His trips to South Andros are yielding a wealth of interviews and photographs, material that will eventually be shared in book form. Please support this very worthy project.  Read More.                                                                                                                                              

General Fund

Every organization has running needs.   We keep ours minimal, operating for the most part without an office, and through strong communication and agreement between board members about our mission statement.  We are primarily volunteers but have found after more than 36 years experience that it is helpful to have designated funds for modest business supplies,  and to offer an optional token stipend to those who sustain the daily operations.  Many times these funds come through the board members themselves, so we are very, very appreciative when contributions are made to the general fund.  Please consider making a donation, or volunteering for an hour or two.

Nepal Education Fund

Lisa Lewis, who was the major organizer of the Nepal School Supply Fund, learned while she was in Kathmandu that the even greater need in Nepal is for teachers in remote areas, where there is little to no government assistance. Teachers in Nepal's remote areas can be hired for $70/month ($840 a year). Please make a tax-exempt donation to Open Hands, specify the Nepal Education Fund, and 100% of your donation will be applied toward hiring teachers in remote villages of Nepal. Marli Gordon, who lives in Kathmandu and runs the NGO (non-governmental organization) Nepali for Nepali will be coordinating efforts and assisting in finding appropriate villages in which to channel these funds. Read More

Botanica Herbs and Healing: A Mobile Clinic

We are a mobile herbal medicine clinic serving the community of Charlottesville and the surrounding area. It is our intent to provide holistic care for the underserved. We offer in-depth consultations, natural first aid, and tonic therapies at no cost to the recipients.   Donations that come to us through Open Hands are tax deductible.  Use the donate button below, or mail to Open Hands, 523 Lexington Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Visit the website at   Write us at

Accessible Yoga for Children with Autism Around the World

Ruth Goldeen, who recently returned from a trip to Vietnam, has set an intention to make a video that will share her expertise in dealing with families who have children on the autism spectrum. She and her crew start filming sometime in October; she anticipates about $3000 being an immediate need. Please donate! If this video proves engaging and meets an instructional need, she wants to consider making others to help those in different situations as well. See More

Individual Needs

Thomas Miller Fund

Thomas Miller is a person who has forever responded to the needs of others, and now he and his family need help. He was injured when he apparently fell off the roof of a house he was working on. He was found unconscious on the ground and hospitalized with an intracranial bleed and broken bones, including his pelvis. His pelvis has healed, but problems from head trauma continue.  His wife was severely injured 10 years ago in an interstate car accident. She cannot work. They are both living with a daughter now.  His family needs about $5,000 to address present medical needs and other outstanding family expenses. Please donate as generously as you can.

Robert Davis

Robert is learning to live in the world outside of prison, after being jailed for 13 years for a terrible crime he did not commit. He has been fully pardoned by the governor. Read More.

Michael Underhill

A fund to assist with the needs of Michael Underhill's family, and the settling of his estate. Read More.

Charlotte James

Help Charlotte pay for many medical expenses related to having chronic Lyme. Read More.

The Caregiver Fund

Open Hands makes this fund available to help with expenses incurred by any caregiver: teachers, parents, nurses. We recognize that balance in our lives is fundamental to wellness, and that caregivers need the same caring that they provide to others. Fill out an application to fund a spa day, or retreat, or something that makes your life a little easier. This fund has also been used for tires; gas; rent; supplies. Donations to this account are most welcome.

Katherine Anne

Help Katherine cover medical expenses for pneumonia and ongoing health challenges. With your donation, she would be able to pay off medical expenses and debts accrued last winter when she was unable to work. She continues to see specialists for undiagnosed symptoms, and is eager to get back on her feet and serve our community.

Friends: Long-Standing Accounts


Mariah enjoys a life free of whatever it was that ailed her, and continues to put her unique spin on any situation she finds herself in. We hold her in our hearts, and welcome all donations on her behalf. For more information click here.

The Noah Friedman Special Fund

Noah is enrolled at the Virginia Institute of Autism, and continues to practice hard to integrate helpful ways to interact in the world from his very special way of seeing it. Noah's parents walk this very difficult walk with him.

Blue Ridge Sufi Community

Donations are always welcome.   This is a community that has been in the Charlottesville area since 1976, establishing itself notably in peaceful practices and community  involvement.  Contributions support all activities, but can also be designated to provide for specific programs.  The Dances of Universal Peace and training in the tea ceremony might be some to consider.  For more information:


This wonderful fund collects money that goes to Chile specifically to buy children's shoes. It was initiated after the earthquake there, and has continued ever since.