Charlotte James

Charlotte is asking for help to pay for her many medical expenses related to having chronic Lyme. She has been pursuing traditional and alternative treatments for her symptoms for over six years. These have included acupuncture, homeopathy, antibiotic treatment under the supervision of a MD Lyme specialist, Eastern/Western herbs, IV therapy, visits to an adrenal specialist, 1.5 years of treatment by GI specialists, and energy healing. Her health has improved, and yet she still experiences persistent, daily symptoms that limit her life.

Recently she learned about several additional interventions that have helped others to recover from chronic Lyme. She is requesting help to pay for these additional procedures as well as to continue with her extensive current treatments. She will use your donations for weekly IV detox sessions, homeopathy, the purchase of a Rife machine, a consultation with a second Lyme MD specialist, on-going acupuncture treatments, a consultation with an herbalist who specializes in adrenal and hormonal health and the multiple supplements prescribed by her practitioners and doctors.

Charlotte will continue to use a significant percentage of her salary to pay for as many of these interventions as she can. Bev, her mother, who has contributed consistently over the past six years, will also continue to help with expenses as her income allows. Charlotte’s medical insurance does not cover 95% of her treatments. Chronic Lyme disease creates havoc in different systems in the body such as endocrine, immune, GI, joints and brain. The medical establishment has yet to develop a clear diagnosis or any successful interventions. This leaves people like Charlotte with the additional burden of doing their own research, creating their own treatment plans and investing in a trial and error approach.

Both Charlotte and Bev greatly appreciate your support and generosity.